Getting to Know Robert Bergman

Many of you know Robert Bergman as our most prized OL recruit of the 2001 class. He took some time today for a quick Q & A as he gets ready to report to Miami for fall practice.

BK: So how has the summer gone for you and what has been your workout schedule?
RB: I have been working a lot on running this summer. I run two miles in the morning and another two miles at night. I also run sprints at night as well.

BK: Being from the desert area are you ready for the humidity of Miami?
RB: I'm looking forward to it. It is real hot here but it is dry heat. Everyone is always telling me to get ready for the humid heat in Miami. I've been practicing for our conditioning test (editors note: the "test" is to run 12 110 yard sprints in less than 18 seconds. Each sprint is separated by a 45 second break) and I have it down no problem. I can do them all in under 16 seconds.

BK: What are your goals for this year?
RB: I try to set realistic goals and I just want to get down there and work behind Bryant [McKinnie] and Joaquin [Gonzalez]. Who better to work with than two of the best in the country? My main goal is to make the travel team. I know not too many offensive linemen come in and play as true freshmen. I just want to be able to run on the field at Penn State and hear 120,000 fans booing me.

BK: There has been a lot of discussion regarding you playing baseball. Talk about that.
RB: I definitely want to play baseball. Football is my #1 sport no question but if I can contribute I'd love to pitch. Right now my fastball is at 91 MPH. I know that baseball doesn't have the scholarship numbers they'd like so if I can come in and contribute I would love to.

BK: What was the main reason you decided to leave the west coast? You were recruiting by everyone out there correct?
RB: Yes, pretty much the whole Pac 10 recruited me but the main factor was a winning program. I have never played on a losing team and when I decided I wanted to play on a team that was always at or near the top that pretty much eliminated the west coast teams. Miami is always up there and they also have excellent academics. If you look at this year's offensive lineman you have Bryant and Joaquin that are first rounders and Martin [Bibla] will also go pretty high. Miami has done an excellent job with their lineman. When you think of Miami you think of play makers but they are fast building a name for offensive linemen.

BK: What are you majoring in?
RB: Business

BK: Have you found out who you are rooming with?
RB: Yes, I'm staying with the kicker, Mark Gent.

BK: What are your feelings of the 'Canes in 2001?
RB: I think we have a great chance. I try to take one game at a time and not say anything that another team can put on their black board so I'm just looking forward to Penn State. Both this year and next year look pretty good as far as our chances go.

BK: When are you leaving for Miami?
RB: Actually I leave this Sunday and we are taking a one week cruise in the Bahamas and then on to Miami for fall practice.

BK: What is something you can tell the fans that they might not know about Robert Bergman?
RB: (laughing) Well I have to go and get a shot today and I hate needles! Seriously ... I am actually a pretty good golfer. I do not have a handicap but I shoot in the eighties. I can hit the ball about 320 yards.

BK: Straight?
RB: Yes, most of the time (laughing).

BK: Robert thanks for the time and we look forward to watching you on Saturday's for the coming years.
RB: No problem, you are welcome.

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