Big WR Impresses UM

Upset that he was forced to miss the first day of the University of Miami summer camp, Miami (Fla.) Northwestern standout wide receiver Khalil Jones made sure he made an impression on the UM coaches during his two days there.

"I was coming back from the South Florida camp so I wasn't able to start UM's camp till Sunday," Jones said. "That's alright though cause I still had a chance to prove myself against some of the top-rated wide receivers in America."

Jones competed for two days with top flight wide receiver prospects such as Cameron Colvin, Early Doucet, and Lavelle Hawkins.

"I had a lot of fun with those guys," he said. "C.J. put us all in the same group so we were always together. Those three guys won an award and C.J. said they give those things to guys who went to all three days."

The standout receiver thinks he held up really well against the out of state standouts.

"They [are] straight and everything," he said, "but it ain't nothing I ain't seen before. We was all laughing and having a good time telling all the DBs they couldn't stick us."

Jones, who checked in at 6-3 and 205 at this year's NIKE Camp, said he had a chance to speak to Coach Johnson after the camp.

"He was telling me that I did a real good job at the camp and everything," he said. "He said he isn't able to call me again until the fall and that he'll call me sometime after September 1. They ain't offer me yet but I still got a lot to prove."

Jones, a full academic qualifier with a 3.6 core GPA and an 18 ACT score, finished his junior season with over 500 yards and three touchdowns. He's confident that he can match up with anyone.

"I want the best," he said. "I was glad those guys were at the camp. Show me the best. I wanna line up against the best defensive back in the country. He won't stick me. I have enough speed (4.5 over 40 yards) to run by them and I'm big enough to get physical with them. I don't care who they are, line 'em up and we'll see what happens. Everyone says Xavier Carter's the best wide receiver in the state of Florida. He might be but ask that question again in December."

That competition factor is another reason Jones, who ran a 10.79 100m in track season this year, favors the Hurricanes.

"UM's all about competition," he said. "The best guys from all over the country come here to compete. Some can't handle it so they go somewhere else. I want to line up against great players every time I take the field. I'm gonna do whatever it takes to make it to the next level."

Jones, who has spent time living in different houses in recent months, hasn't really paid much attention to the recruiting process up to this point.

"I talked to some coaches in the spring," he said. "Coach CJ, Coach Steele from Florida State. I talked to Iowa State, Boston College, Rutgers, South Florida, schools like that. Some of them even sent me scholarships at school."

Jones said that UM is among his early favorites.

"I also like Florida, Florida State, South Florida, Southern Cal, Rutgers, and Michigan State," he said. "Wherever gives me the most competition, I'm there."

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