Q&A with Asante Cleveland

Asante Cleveland is Miami's starting tight end right now and talked about some things heading into the summer.

On Stephen Morris' arm strength:
My freshman year when I first got in, I ran a crossing route, when he threw it I was surprised how fast it was coming. That was the first time I noticed his arm strength. It's definitely kept up.

On how the overall work ethic of the team has changed:
I feel like when I first got here, people had their own agendas. People were working but for themselves. Now, after all the stuff we've all gone through together, we're working for each other. Once we get right then it's just gonna help the team.

On the 2012 team goals:
Our goals, we have set goals and we wanna accomplish them. Wed like to win the ACC. That's our main goal.

On the offense making improvements:
The biggest thing the offense needs to work in is mainly precision stuff like route-running, running at the right depth not drifting and things like that, little things we gotta fine tune. We have the overall picture for executing better. We need to work on the little stuff and that's what's gonna make us great.

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