Dorsett sees an improved team

Phillip Dorsett was one of Miami's starting wide receivers in the spring and he talked about some things as the team heads into the summer.

On how playing at a premier high school helped him:
Yeah, I feel that way. Playing at St. Thomas, you play and practice against the best. Me being able to play with them and against them in high school was great.

On the team's goals:
Coach Golden wants us to be stronger, get more reps, be faster. We want a stronger team than last year.

On where they're at with those:
I can see a big difference. We're stronger and a lot of people are getting faster. We're all working hard.

On his goals:
I'm trying to catch the short passes and turn them into big plays. Catch it at 10 yards and try to make a move after the catch. I'm just trying to put in the extra work to do those things.

On Stephen Morris:
He's doing fine, there's nothing wrong with him. It's gonna be great to play with him this year. He's probably better now.

On the team compared to last season:
With our young players we should be able to be better than last year. We lost some guys but Coach Golden always says well play with who we have. We have a lot of young players but we gotta train our bodies like we're veterans.

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