Q&A with Stephen Morris

Stephen Morris is part of an intense quarterback competition at Miami right now. Read on to see what he's saying heading into the summer.

On being a leader:
That's the job of a quarterback and that's what I'm trying to do every day, get everybody up to speed, push everybody. I'm just helping guys out, making sure we're not falling.

On summer workouts so far:
Toughest workouts we have. Swasey puts us through it all. It's a great feeling. A lot of guys are getting stronger and faster and that's the whole point of the offseason.

On compared to last summer:
No, it's the same routine, the same program. Everyone knows what to expect and a lot of us are used to it.

On the incoming freshmen:
They're taking it easy right now. The coaches in the strength room are working on them with proper technique, doing 7on7 stuff and things like. Next week they may have a different answer.

On their ability level:
Very talented. A lot of raw talent. Coming from high school when they were superstars, they're taking a new role here and they're all learning their respective positions. The receivers, Malcolm and Lockhart, are doing a lot of good things and getting used to the offense right now.

On the typical routine:
We'll get a workout in the morning and then come back and get extra work in the afternoon. We gotta make sure everyone's right because fall camp is right around the corner.

On the playmakers on offense:
Phillip is a playmaker. Allen Hurns is a playmaker. Mike James is doing his thing. We got a lot of new guys coming in. Randy Johnson should be doing big things, Malcolm Lewis. Right now we're getting ready for the season and getting them used to our terminology. By August, they'll have it down.

On the quarterback competition:
Me and Ryan are both attacking it. Ryan's doing a great job of controlling the things he has to control. A lot of guys look up to me so I feel I gotta help them in anyway I can and take this team to where it needs to go.

On his friendship with Williams:
It's been awhile since I've been knowing Ryan. We've known each other for awhile. Going through the competition that me and Jacory went through, I know what it's like to compete with a close friend. I wish him the best. We're all here for the same reason for the same team. You gotta go every day with a new mindset.

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