Q&A with Ryan Williams

Ryan Williams is competing with Stephen Morris for the starting quarterback job. Read on to see what he's saying heading into the summer.

On being closer to home now:
It feels great that I don't have to take a flight home to see my family but yet it's still far enough away where I can live the college experience and still have their support if I need it.

On what he learned last season:
I'm learning a lot from the older guys, learning what it takes to be a Miami Hurricane, and learning the new offense under Jedd Fisch. Being able to learn and take it slow was good. Being able to watch Jacory play and watch film, I think I can execute better now that I would have been able to last year.

On how much more prepared is now:
A lot more. Playing on the scout team, it was my job to get the defense ready for our opponent. That's all I could do. Now, going back to actually running the real offense, it's putting in the same work. I have a better understanding of what I have to do now.

On seeing other offenses:
I learned what other teams like to do and I got to see a lot of what our defense does. Just understanding how coordinators call the game, what to expect in certain situations.

On the expectations:
We have to focus on ourselves, get over the average mindset and getting back to the mindset of the type of teams they had here in the early 2000's. I think it's good to have that because you always have something to strive for. It gives you something to shoot for. You don't wanna be the team that let the program down so you gotta keep building and getting back to that level.

On the summer:
I'm ready to get back out on the field. It's now just us focusing on us. Me and Stephen will be coaching the offense.

On the spring:
Just getting a feel for the offense this spring and not forcing things. Some of the players hadn't seen me play before.

On his playing weight:
I lost weight but gained muscle. I lost about 10 pounds since the season ended but I'm a lot stronger than I've ever been.

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