Q&A with Art Kehoe

Art Kehoe is entering his second season of his second stint as offensive line coach at Miami. Read on to see what he's saying.

On the summer workouts:
I'm telling our guys that Coach Golden has specific body weights that he wants them at. That coincides with everything that Coach Swasey is doing. To me, if we're conditioned and mentally tough and studying the film on their own, I think we're gonna be pretty tough.

On the expectations in year two:
When you lose by 3, 4, 4, 7, 7,, and 8, I'm looking at it .. I'd like us to be, I don't know how much depth we have but its true what you said. We got to experience guys at different positions. They know the system. That's the biggest thing. If you can get them healthy and keep them healthy, our whole offensive system is back in. We lost some players but for the most part we're in year 2 of Coach Fisch's system and Coach Golden's system. I'm anxious to see how we're gonna do with that.

On what he's hoping for over the summer:
My biggest concern is, I want them to be in great shape and super flexible. I know they're gonna lift and go to school and bust their butts studying film. To me it's gonna be about very flexible so they can stay healthy and go as injury free as possible.

On having a chance to be a top notch unit:
I think we do. The talent is there. They're smarter. They're tough enough. I think we're gonna make a jump, our whole team should make a jump this year.

On what's going to be different than 2011:
We all know each other. We all know what Al Goldens total plan is. We're all on board. We know what to expect and it makes for our demand on our players to be higher this year. We're gonna be more tuned in to exactly what we want. We expect to be a better team becaus of that.

On year two as coaches together:
Jedd has done a great job as a coordinator. He has certain things he wants done. I'm hoping to be way better immersed with him with how we wanna plan, how we wanna teach. What we did as an offensive staff was putting a playbook together and going through a whole year together, this year we trimmed it all down because we have younger quarterbacks and a younger team so we wanted them to know, hey man, we're gonna do exactly what we wanna do to operate our offense and it'll be better.

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