Miami to Host Regional at Mark Light Field

After a season full of setbacks and disappointments, the Miami Hurricanes finally caught a break.

No, they didn't end up winning the ACC tournament title over Georgia Tech. They lost the game to the Yellow Jackets 8-5 thanks in large part to the four runs given up by Miami starter Javi Salas in the first inning.

The offense fought back, but it was too little, too late. The Hurricanes had just run into the hottest team in the tournament.

Their break actually came at nearly the exact moment Miami second baseman Stephen Perez was grounding out to end the game.

It was at that point that they learned that they will be hosting a regional at Mark Light Field. Coming into this weekend and for that matter, coming into the game today, no one figured Miami had any shot at hosting.

But hosting they are.

It's clear that the tournament committee valued the RPI over everything else because it's really the only thing Miami had over Kentucky, the team that most agree got the shaft in this case. According to, Miami was 10th in RPI. Kentucky sits at 17th.

There is also a thought out there that the tournament committee is sending a message that teams that play cushy out of conference schedules, like Kentucky did this year, won't be rewarded come the postseason. That's largely why LSU missed the tournament completely last season as well.

I'm just not sure I buy that. Miami's out of conference schedule wasn't anything to write home about with the exception of their three game series against Florida, a series in which they got swept.

Generally at this point, all that is left to find out is which three teams will join the host team in their regional. But in this case, there might be more. Nothing has been confirmed yet, obviously, but there is talk that Miami might be hosting as a number two seed with a traveling number one seed heading to Coral Gables.

No matter which way the committee goes, they will have a little bit of explaining to do. If they send a traveling one seed to Coral Gables, I will be interested to know why they felt the need to move the host site. If Miami is the number one seed in the regional, I'll want to know what made them a better candidate to host than Kentucky. The full field of 64 will be announced Monday May 28th at 12 p.m. eastern time on ESPNU.

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