Super RB to Visit UM

At 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds, Palestine, Texas standout running back Adrian Peterson ran wild on opposing defenses last season. He finished the year with 2,051 yards and 22 touchdowns. Peterson has bad news for opposing defenses this year.

"I'm bigger, faster, and stronger than I was last year," Peterson said. "And we have a big O-Line that's ready to play. Defenses better be ready."

Peterson, who became a full academic qualifier when he scored a 19 on the ACT recently, also competes in track and basketball.

His 10.33 FAT in the 100m at the state meet as a junior was very impressive but Peterson said he's done even better.

"I ran a 10.26 at a meet in Houston," he said. "Next up is Junior Nationals in Miami in about two weeks."

Peterson is looking forward to that trip to Miami for two reasons.

"Obviously I'll get to run and compete," he said. "I'm also going to try stopping by the campus at the University of Miami to see what it's like. I've never been there."

Just in case he's not able to spend much time at UM, he'll have more time later this month.

"About two weeks after I get back from [the track event], I'm getting on a plane and flying to Miami," he said. "I'm going to tour the campus, meet the coaches, meet some players, and basically get an overall feel of what it's like there."

The standout running back said he has a pretty good idea of what his final list of college choices looks like.

"Basically, it's Texas, Miami, A&M, and Oklahoma," he said. "I've been to the other places but not Miami yet. That's another reason I'm really looking forward to visiting there."

Peterson, who has offers from all four programs, spoke to the UM coaches during the May evaluation period.

"They basically said they want me to come see them," he said. "They think I'll be impressed. Miami's a great place. I like them because they always have great athletes. One of my biggest goals is to win a national championship or two while I'm in college and I feel that Miami gives me the best chance to do that. I mean, they've been in the title game two years in a row. It's just a great program and it's something I've always considered wanting to be a part of."

With the recent success by the University of Texas coaches in recent years of keeping the state's top prospects home, Peterson talked about that.

"They get guys because they do a good job of convincing the top players in-state to stay home," he said. "Not everyone does it though. They might do that to me too but then again, Miami or Oklahoma might do it too. I went to OU a few weeks ago and I really like it there too. I don't have any one favorite or anything and won't name one for awhile -- especially until I at least visit Miami."

The talented running back said he's ready for any level of competition.

"I just want to go to a place that will give me a chance," he said. "That's all I can ask for if I give it everything I got. All four of them told me the best players will play and I feel that if I prove myself, it can be me. If not, I can't get mad. I'll just go out the next day and work even harder."

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