Morris names 3 freshmen who are standing out

Quarterback Stephen Morris named three true freshmen who have jumped out so far in his eyes. Read on to see who they are and to see everything else Morris is saying after four days of fall camp.

Q: How are you stepping up your leadership this year?
A: I'm just trying to have fun with the guys and make sure everyone is on the same page. My job is to get this team ready for the season and whatever that takes for me to do. Even if I have to step out of my comfort zone, I'll do whatever this team needs me to do.

Q: Are you trying to be more vocal or are you leading by example?
A: A little bit of both. Mostly, I'm being vocal. I'm trying to get everyone to come together and understand everyone's personality and how to talk to one another. As a team, we're definitely trying to be more vocal.

Q: Without Lamar, how does that leave your team with running backs?
A:. Lamar is a very talented athlete, and I happy that he plays pro. We have a lot of guys, like Randy Johnson, who are very talented players too. Mike James is running hard for us and he's really good at protecting the ball.

Q: How have you seen Kendal [Thompkins] improve since his first day?
A: Kendal has really improved. He's keeping consistent. Last couple of years he's been in and out a little bit, but he's doing good things for us right now. He's very quick, loves catching the ball very rough. He understands the offense very well. With the media, he's pretty quiet, but, on the field, he's very talkative and energetic. I have been saying for the past three years that he's going to have a big year. I think right now he finally understands that this is his last year and he just has to go out there and do a good job.

Q: When you say that he's being consistent, is it knowing the playbook better or playing harder?
A: Well, he knows the playbook very well, so it's not an issue about knowing the playbook. It's more about being consistent in practice and being the same guy every day.

Q: What can he add to the offense?
A: Speed. We can just pass him the ball and see him go, and I don't see anyone tackling him because he's very shifty. A lot of guys might think he's not fast, because he's small, but he'll go right past you.

Q: Are there any freshman that you think are sticking out in the offense?
A: Yea. You got Herbs Waters and D'Mauri Jones, which are doing a good job. They just need to get a hold of the playbook. Randy Johnson is also doing a great job and is showing great athleticism.

Q: What do you think is missing in the offense?
A: I don't think there is anything missing right now. I think we're putting everything together very well. The way the coach has us running around works out very good.

Q: Personally, as a QB, how do you feel about not being able to qualify for the BCS?
A: We're not really looking towards that. We're just looking for the season and going on off that… My job as a leader is to get this team ready for The Opening season.

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