Fisch talks offense after 4 practices

Jedd Fisch is excited about his offense this season and he talked about the different position groups below.

Q: How integral is it to have a QB on the field that pushes his guys?
A: I think it's huge. That's the key. The players have to respond to him. The players have to believe in him. The players have to feel that he is the guy that can help us win championship.

Q: How are the running backs looking, now that Duke and Danny just came in?
A: The running backs are looking good. They're fun to be a part of. I think Michael is running really well and so is Eduardo. Duke has made some huge plays for us. Danny has found his role right now. Danny just got here, so he's beginning to feel his way and learn the system, but he's a big back. So, he can carry the road on some of those short yardage type plays.

Q: Do you think you are building some continuity on the line?
A: Well, as long as everyone stays healthy, I think we're in a great spot. We got a good line right now. We got great leadership from Shane and Brandon Linder. Feliciano is now coming back from playing a lot of games for us last year as right tackle, and now we moved him inside. Hopefully Malcolm Bunche is healthy. I'm really excited.

Q: Is having your tackles big important?
A: Oh yeah. Literally, right? It's absolutely critical. If you're going to have guys that look like [Malcolm Bunche], you want to have them playing.

Q: Is Jermaine Johnson tackle or guard?
A: Jermaine is doing a really good job of being able to fill in both spots for us, because of the fact that we needed some help in the right tackle position for the first couple days of camp. He was able to come inside and do some work for us. Right now, Jermaine is in a position where he can help us out in both spots. We'll just have to see as we continue to progress where he will be spending most of his time.

Q: Are you excited about the potential in the younger guys, so far?
A: I'm really excited about all of our young guys. I'm excited about our young wide receivers as well. They're both in position groups, our young wide receivers and our young running backs, so they have the opportunity to help us right away.

Q: Who's standing out in that group?
A: Right now it's still too early, but it's pretty impressive with all the five wide outs that we brought in.

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