Golden talks about Henderson's return

Junior offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson missed the first couple days of fall camp but is now back in action. Read on to see what head coach Al Golden is saying about it.

Q: You ever lose track of what day it is?
A: Yea, I didn't even realize that yesterday was Sunday. We're all like that right now, we're just trying to improve every day and there's not a lot of time for anything else. So, we're just making some sacrifices.

Q: Is it good to have Seantrel Henderson back?
A: Yea, it's good to have him back. We just have to see where he's at, in terms of his process and then we'll go from there.

Q: What does he have to do to get back?
A: He has to go helmets for two days.

Q: Is it a big relief?
A: You guys [the media] are the only ones talking about it. No one in here is talking about it. But he was away for his friend's funeral, and then he came back yesterday. He was in all the meetings last night, and now we're moving forward. Again, we're just trying to improve. He started two games for us and played two hundred plays last year. That's like a lost year. We're trying to improve from what he did last year.

Q: Does he have to go through all the conditioning tests?
A: He has to go through everything.

Q: Before he can practice?
A: He has to go through everything, just like any other player would have to. This is not the NFL, where you just show up and practice. You got to do two days in helmets, you got to do compliance items, you got to sit down with compliance and fill out all the forms. That's why we take a whole day to process everybody. So, it's going to take a while for him. We got a lot done yesterday, and all we have to do is the medical aspect so we can get him transitioned here.

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