McDonald talks about receivers

George McDonald, the UM passing game coordinator, takes a moment to talk about some of the wide receivers, especially the new kids on the block.

Q: How is Malcolm Lewis looking?
A: Malcolm is doing a good job. He is a real polished receiver. It's the same thing with the conditioning and the volume of plays but all the guys we have signed have shown that they have the ability to play for us.

Q: What in particular does he do that impresses you?
A: I think the biggest thing about Malcolm is that he can make the first person miss, so his run-after-catch ability is a real special is a specific trick that he has. He is elusive after he catches the ball. He also has really good ball skills. He can track the ball amazingly. All of them have unique traits, but that's one of his strong traits right there.

Q: Coach Golden was talking about Kendal's consistency. What do you have to say about the wide receiver?
A: Kendal has done a great job. He's been here for four years. He's the guy that just kept working and kept working, and this is the year that he puts everything together. But, up to this point, he's done a great job of playing hard every day.

Q: Do you feel like he kind of feels the pressure of being the old guy?
A: I don't think he feels any pressure. I think he feels relieved. I think he's just thinking "hey, it's my time", and this is a great opportunity for him.

Q: How do you feel about the freshman wide receivers? Are there any that are sticking out?
A: They're all competing. They're all really good in their own ways. But the one thing that I most impressed with is that they are all competing every day. Usually, you get guys that come in, and they don't know how to compete. These guys know how to compete every day, so they understand what they are trying to get done here.

Q: Are they any that are top tier right now?
A: They're all the same. I would say that Malcolm [Lewis], Robert [Lockhart Jr.] and Herb [Waters] are retaining information on a daily basis, but they're all battling it and trying to fight through the same struggle.

Q: How are they doing with the playbooks?
A: That is none negotiable. Every lunch and dinner they eat with the quarterbacks to continue to learn our system.

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