Bunche talks about O-Line

Malcolm Bunche, a promising offensive tackle for this year, tells us about his teammates in the interview below.

Q: How have you improved, since last year?
A: Right now I feel more relaxed. Last year, I was kind of injured. But right now I feel comfortable with my position.

Q: The fact that there is some depth and versatility with the offensive lineman this year, does that help you guys out, knowing that you can just move a guard to left tackle if you have to?
A: Yeah, there is versatility on the offensive line. I can play right or left tackle, and it's good to be versatile, which is what Coach Kehoe always talks about.

Q: Do you guys do reps in different positions?
A: Sometimes. If we're doing one-on-one, Coach Kehoe might place us in different spots, but, most of the time we're on team, we're in our regular spots.

Q: How's the defensive line looking?
A: When our offense pays off, they get tired at times. But they're pushing us. They're getting better and we're getting better.

Q: Who looks good on the other side?
A: Cain and Chickillo. You know, Chick is consistent. OP (Olsen Pierre) has been getting some plays in there…Darius Smith, whom I call "Plug", the big guy, is moving around, and I think he's getting better.

Q: How do you think Ereck Flowers is playing?
A: He's a young guy, but he's coming around. We just got to stay with him and help him, whenever he needs help and just keep grinding with him.

Q: You guys have been having trouble finding your main guy for right tackle. Do you think you might have to move over to that position?
A: Whatever coach wants me to do. If he wants me to stay on left or move over to right that's what I'm going to do. But, for right now, we're still in camp, and we're going to find that right guy.

Q: When you first came onto the team you said you were a little uncomfortable about your weight. How do you feel about it now?
A: I feel a lot better about my weight. I lost a lot of baby fat, so I got stronger and lighter on my feet.

Q: Has the program helped you at all with that?
A: It taught me a lot of things, on and off the field. It taught me how to be a man and how to be a student athlete.

Q: What's it like having Seantrel Henderson back on the team?
A: It's great having him back. It was good to see him. I was worried about him. The offensive linemen are all I got. So, when there is something going on, you try to reach out and see what's going on to help the guy.

Q: How's he doing in practice?
A: He hasn't started practice yet, but I can't wait until he gets out there.

Q: You've been competitive with Henderson before, in a friendly way. When he comes back are you still going to give him that energy, or are you going to give him some time to catch up?
A: When he comes back, I'm going to be in him. I know he has to catch up with us in the playbook and in conditioning. But he's one of our guys, so I'm going to be right there with him, rooting for him.

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