Feliciano talks about the OL competition

Jon Feliciano feels good about playing with his 2010 class and has recuperated from his injuries and with right tackle still up in the air, he talked about the latest.

Q: How do you feel about the offensive line this year?
A: It's exciting having the whole 2010 class. Hopefully when Seantrel [Henderson] gets back he can push for a starting position. But that's the most exciting part right now for me.

Q: You're excited to get Seantrel back?
A: Yeah, and having the whole [class of 2010]. We all came in the same class, so it's exciting to see us all progress and get into starting positions.

Q: Do you know when Henderson might start practicing with the team again?
A: No. I don't know.

Q: You're considered top tier in the depth charts. What did you do to get up there, and what are you doing to stay up there?
A: I'm just always in my playbook and giving 110 percent in effort. I'm trying to do little things too to help the team and be a leader.

Q: You guys seem a little fickle about the positions in the O-line. Do you think everyone will have their role down by the start of the season?
A: Yeah. Coach Golden and Kehoe always wants us to be the best we can be, and it doesn't matter what position we're going to play, we just always have to be ready with the playbook.

Q: You can play guard and tackle. Which position do you feel more comfortable with?
A: Probably tackle, but right now I'm in the learning process with guard and that's why we're out now. Whatever helps the team out, I'll do.

Q: You had a sprained ankle last year during the season and you injured your knee during spring training. Do you feel like you got slowed down by that?
A: It derailed me in the spring because I was trying to learn guard. But, right now I feel good. I lost some weight and that's really helping my knees out.

Q: Do you feel comfortable playing right now?
A: Yeah. I feel good right now.

Q: Ereck Flowers looks like he might be starting right tackle for the season. What are your thoughts on him?
A: He's looking good right now. He just has to work out some kinks that all freshman have, but we're very excited to see what he can do to help out the team.

Q: What are the hardest trials that the freshmen have to go through?
A: Probably learning the playbook because they don't know the plays as well as some of the older guys do. They tend to play a little slower because they don't want to make mistakes. But once they learn the plays they will be more confident and quicker about getting things done.

Q: Do you think Flowers can replace Henderson effectively as a starter?
A: They're going to push each other, but it's going to be a tight battle to see who gets the starting position.

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