QB competition growing for No. 3 job

Everyone is talking about the QB dual between Stephen Morris and Ryan Williams, but there isn't much limelight on the QB dual that is going on for the third string. Coach Fisch takes time to talk about the progress between those two quarterbacks, Preston Dewey and Grey Crow.

Q: How do you think Preston Dewey and Gray Crow are doing?
A: They're doing a nice job right now. People are always going to be talk about the one and two guys. But the other two guys are just going to continue to develop and learn and find their opportunity when it presents itself. Their doing a good job when they get in and they're really learning the game. It's really important for them right now to use this opportunity to use Ryan and Stephen as reference points and learn how to study from those guys. We will try and help develop them to become great quarterbacks for the future.

Q: They are right now battling for third position. Who would you say will probably be redshirting for the season?
A: We haven't talked about that at all. We haven't talked about redshirts at all for any position group. What we'll do is we will evaluate this scrimmage and then the next scrimmage and then we will strike discussions.

Q: Are you looking forward to seeing Dewey and Crow playing in the scrimmage on Sunday?
A: Oh, yeah. They had a huge advantage being here in the spring because they took a ton of reps when Stephen was out. Now that Stephen is back, their reps are cut significantly, but they're in a situation where I'm looking forward to watching them go out there, play some reps and see who will be making the team.

Q: How many extra reps would you say they were able to get during the spring?
A: They each took close to 300 reps in the spring, so that's huge. In the scrimmages, they each took 30 reps, last year.

Q: What type of players would you say they are?
A: They're both very prototypical drop back passers. They both have good strong arms. They understand defenses and they move pretty well in the pocket. We just got to help see their reads faster and play the games faster and realize the difference of being a high school quarterback and a college quarterback.

Q: Do you think they feel comfortable with the playbooks?
A: I think they do. I mean, you would have to ask them. We were here for fifteen practices in the spring and then they were here all summer long and now they are here through nine. I think they feel real good.

Q: Do you think they have the potential for maybe get some good game time?
A: I don't know about next year, yet. I more worried about this one. We got a quarterback room where everyone is returning, so that makes it fun.

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