RB High on Miami

At 6-feet and 202 pounds, Greensboro (N.C.) Dudley standout running back Jamaal Edwards ran wild on opposing defenses last season. He gained 2,378 yards and 31 touchdowns and hope to have an even better senior year.

"I know I'm a better player right now than I was this time last year," Edwards said. "I can see defenses better and I can't wait for the season to start."

The talented running back has spent the summer working out with his teammates. He also attended two summer camps.

"I went to Carolina and Wake Forest for camps," he said. "I didn't do all the testing stuff but I was able to compete and learn a few things."

Edwards has been playing football since he was six years old.

"I've been a running back my whole career," he said. "And every year I keep getting better and better. I also run track and did a 10.7 (100m) last year. All I want right now is to win a state championship in football this year. We've worked real hard together and it's time to go make it happen now."

The standout running back, who came real close to passing the SAT on his first try, has emerged as one of the nation's most heavily recruited running backs. Rated No. 3 by TheInsiders.com, Edwards has plenty of offers.

"I've gotten so many that I've almost lost track of them all," he said. "It's OK because I'm trying to focus on just a few schools -- [North] Carolina, Florida State, Miami, and Virginia. Those are the ones that I'm looking at the most right now."

Edwards briefly explained why he lists those four right now. "North Carolina because I'm here and they've showed a lot of interest. Virginia because I like their coaches and their offense. The Florida schools because I have family in Florida (Daytona Beach area) and I might want to be in Florida for college."

Edwards went into even more detail when asked about the Hurricanes.

"I really like Miami," he said. "Their recruiting coach came by and then called me in the spring and said I'm one of the top guys they're looking at for running back. He said they like how I play. I like Miami because I like how they play ball. They know how to win."

Edwards said there are a couple other reasons why he's high on the Hurricanes right now.

"They told me I could have a scholarship," he said. "All four of my top [schools] said I had one. My favorite running back is Edgerrin James and I know he played at Miami. Plus, Miami's recruiting our defensive lineman, Damario [Pressley] real hard too. I know he likes Miami and we'll probably take a visit down there together during the season."

Edwards was asked about the possibility of leaving his home state to play college ball.

"Yeah man, like I said I've got family down in Florida so it's not like it'll be where everything's new or whatever," he said. "I'll take my visits during the season and if I feel most comfortable at some place, that's where I'm going."

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