Franklin talks about his D-Line

Read on to see what defensive line coach Jethro Franklin is saying about his unit a day before Miami's first fall scrimmage.

Q: What type of player do you see Kelvin Cain being?
A: He can be as good as he wants to be, or he can be as bad as he wants to be. He has to come with attitude to become one of the best players in the country. He has the ability to do it, but you got to bring that attitude with you every day. He knows our expectation and what we do as coaches, and, at the same time, he making plays out there is we're asking him to do.

Q: What do you expect out of the freshmen? What do you see coming from them?
A: Well, same thing we did when we recruited [them]. [They are] quick and explosive. They're learning a lot right now, obviously, and when they're learning as much as they're learning, it kind of takes away from the ability to second guess yourself. It's just a matter of time.

Q: You're still looking to fill in that position at tackle. Can one of those freshmen break in there?
A: We're working at it. Tomorrow, we're going to give them a lot of reps, and we've been giving them a lot of reps in practice, trying to get them ready as best as we can.

Q: Last year the defensive line wasn't solid. What are you doing to improve on that?
A: Recruiting. (Laughs)

Q: The defensive end position is a little up in the air as well. Who would you say has the potential to step up in tomorrow's scrimmage?
A: They all do. It's just a matter of who wants it more, and who is going to learn the fastest and who is going to out to execute on a high level. That's what the scrimmage is for. We don't have to play a game tomorrow, but we have to see who is going to put in the work to want to be great, and to be great takes a lot of work. So, tomorrow is going to be a great indicator of who put the time in, and we will just go from there.

Q: Who in the defensive line is playing better than you expected?
A: I wouldn't answer that question that way because every day is a working progress. We have scrimmages for a reason. Tomorrow we will scrimmage. If you asked before we play Boston College where we are, then maybe I can answer that question better. Right now, we are just taking it practice by practice and we're trying to get guys to do what they don't want to do so they can become what they always wanted to be. But, they all have to improve. They all have to get better at something. Each guy knows what he has to do individually to get better.

Q: Ok. So if tomorrow you were playing Boston College…
A: (Interrupts) Nope. Tomorrow we don't play Boston College, so you can't say that. (Laughs)

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