5 to Watch Tomorrow

The Hurricanes are set for their first fall scrimmage tomorrow. Igor Argibay has been aroound the team over the last week or so and he offers this piece on some of the players that he believes will probably do well in tomorrow's scrimmage and some that may not.

Duke Johnson- Duke has been showing incredible skill during practice – shaking off Gionni Paul which led to Paul's knee injury. Even though that Mike James is probably going to stay on top of the depth chart, Duke has shown expediential growth on the Hurricanes. His athletic ability and positive attitude on the field makes it a no brainer that he will be an eye catcher for tomorrow's scrimmage.

Jimmy Gaines- Although Gaines has just returned to practice, Coach Golden granted the 232 lbs. linebacker permission to play in Sunday's scrimmage. This could be a make it or break it for Gaines. He hasn't been around to warm up his ability and his foot was still wrapped with medical tape when he came out on Friday for his first fall camp practice. But Gaines is the type of player that will bite his tongue down and push through the pain, which is why the scrimmage could take a toll on his healing foot. Still, with Jimmy on the field, the offense is going to feel the intensity of his presence. As for the season's expectation of him, it will be hard for him to beat his record from last year, which was a whopping 58 tackles. All I can say now is that his performance in the scrimmage will give us some idea of what he can do for us this year.

Ryan Williams- The sophomore had success as a player for Memphis, starting in 10 out of 12 games and getting MVP for the Blue-Gray game. He has had plenty of time to learn the playbook as well, since he had to sit out last year because of NCAA transfer regulations. But Coach Golden admitted to overworking the quarterback during the last two practices and said in an interview today that his arm might be a little sore. Williams also admitted to me that Stephen Morris was "a more mobile player than him", but his advantage over him is that Williams was there for the entire spring training. Some would say that his performance will be even more scrutinized than Morris's, since Morris is already expected to win the starting position. But one thing is for sure, Williams is going to have to pull some tricks out of his sleeve if he wants to get that starting position.

Ereck Flowers- The right tackle freshman has received a lot of attention from his peers, especially since he is assumed to become the starter. Coach Kehoe even praised the young athlete for his consistency in practices and his overall strength, and since Henderson has been missing practice, Flowers has had more opportunity to hone his position. The only concern that would present itself for Flowers would be if he's still too green to achieve in a game-like situation. But we're going to see this freshman's full ability tomorrow and what he can do for us on the o-line this year.

Malcolm Lewis- Lewis is one of the most promising freshmen receivers that the Canes have obtained for the season. He is graceful on the field and is pretty level headed for a freshman. But his position is under serious competition, and any slip up from his part might cost him a starting position. His coaches have said nothing but good things about the athlete. He has a good size on him, and knows how to run the plays. His agility is also another weapon that Lewis is going to have under his arsenal, and he will probably be one of the most prominent wide receivers of his class. Execution is key for tomorrow, and if Lewis does as well as he has during fall camp, then we are going to be seeing his face a lot more in the actual season.

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