WR Hoping for UM Offer

When Stockton (Calif.) Edison standout wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins was reviewing information he had received in the mail regarding various summer camps, it's not something he read about that helped him decide on which camp to attend.

"A lot of people sent me stuff on their camp and stuff," Hawkins said. "But when I sat down and thought about it, I know that Miami always seems to have defensive backs. I was hearing a lot of talk about how they're the best DB's down there. I got tired of hearing about it so I went down there to find out for myself."

Hawkins said he was impressed with the level of competition at the UM camp, which he attended last month.

"It was tight," he said. "They had some that were tight but they couldn't stick me. [Trevor Ford] was probably the best one. He was fast and knew how to use his size. But the receivers were hard. Cameron Colvin, Early [Doucet] and your boy [Khalil Jones] were all straight. The whole experience was a lot of fun."

At 5-foot-11 and 170 pounds, Hawkins ran a "high 4.4" on grass at the camp and is coming off an outstanding junior season. He finished the year with 52 receptions for 1,000 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Despite his success as a receiver in recent years, it always wasn't that easy for Hawkins.

"When I first started playing they put me on the offensive line because I was a scrub," he said laughing. "I had the bar face mask and everything. People were making fun of me (laughing) and (stuff) like that so I got tired of that. They moved me to running back and that's when I started ballin. Then they moved me to receiver when I got to high school and I'm still ballin."

Hawkins, who ran a 10.8 100m in track season as a junior, is the No. 6 rated wide receiver prospect in America by TheInsiders.com. He had plenty of interest this spring.

"I'm looking at everyone right now," he said. "I ain't gonna commit or anything stupid like that. I'm gonna take all my trips and have fun with the whole thing. I have a bunch of offers right now and I talked to a bunch of coaches on the phone. It's still early though."

One of the programs that is definitely near the top of his list is Miami.

"I'll definitely be going back there later for an official visit," he said. "I really like Coach Johnson. He's a cool dude. He puts people in the pros. I also met the head coach and he's real cool. They said they're trying to sign three receivers this year and that I'm up there on their list. I just have to prove to them my senior year that I'm ready for the challenge. I'm up for it."

Hawkins said the Hurricanes are one of several programs he's considering.

"The schools out there I'm looking at, like Cal, USC, San Diego State, people like that. I'm going to enjoy the process first."

When asked if he had a single favorite, Hawkins said no. However, he did add something interesting.

"I wouldn't mind going to Miami at all though," he said. "I ain't afraid to compete like some people."

Hawkins comes from the same school that sent Willie Dixon to Miami a few years ago.

"I actually work out with Willie sometimes," he said. "He never should have gone to Miami. That was out of his league. He needed to be somewhere that he could be the man right away, like Oregon or somewhere. You see things didn't work out for him at Miami."

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