Clements singles out three freshmen

Eduardo Clements might not have done as good as his other two counterparts, Duke Johnson and Mike James, but his numbers do show that the running back spot will be strong for the Canes. Read on to see what he had to say about Sunday's scrimmage.

Q: Does it feel good that you guys had a day to rest from practice?
A: Yeah, Coach just let us get a day off, and go to the water parks. But, when we got back here we had to watch film and get back to business.

Q: Does taking a day off feel like more than it is?
A: It's right back to business for us. For those two hours [when] we left, it felt like we were out of town, but once we turned the corner, we knew that we had to go upstairs and correct our film and do things like that.

Q: What do you think about your numbers in Sunday's scrimmage? (55 yards rushing and two scores)
A: I just came out here and did what the coach asked me to do. I ran the ball hard and tough. I feel like I did some things that I did great and I feel that did some things that I need to improve on. Moving my feet, not reading my keys, but, all in all, I had a great scrimmage. But the running backs had a great scrimmage. We see it off of Mike and he had a great scrimmage, so Duke and I felt like we need to bring something to the table. That's what we do in our running back room, friendly competition.

Q: So, you guys feed off that energy from each other?
A: Yeah. We know once one guy does good, both of us have to back him up. [It's] a great addition and competition for our running back room.

Q: What would you say you have set down in your skill set?
A: My pass blocking and running down low to the ground. Coaches know my ability and their just going to put me in what they think is best for me.

Q: What were some of things you noticed from your teammates, other than the running backs, on Sunday? Did anyone surprise you?
A: The freshmen; Herb Waters, Malcolm Lewis and Tracy Howard. From day one they came in and they told us that they were going to play. You see some of these guys running with the first team, so they already had their mind set and they came out here to play. I feel like that's a great addition to our team.

Q: Do you feel like the freshmen are a little bit more together than last year?
A: I would definitely say that. We welcomed them with open arms. Tracy, when he first came in, was my roommate in the dorms because I haven't moved into the village yet. So, I got to know him more on a one-to-one basis. He's a cool, humble guy. Everyone that came into his class knew that they were coming from high school and that things would have to change in college and that they might have to work their way up. I feel like we got a well-knit team, right now.

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