Hurns talks about fall camp

Allen Hurns has mostly recovered from his head injury, but he's still out there in a yellow jersey. Read on to see what he has to say about his team.

Q: What do you have to do to reassert yourself?
A: Go out there and continue doing what I got to do. You learn from this, though. You go out their watching other players do things and learn from their mistakes.

Q: What do you think about Kendal Thompkins stepping up?
A: He's been doing very well. His whole preseason, he's been consistent and doing a lot of good things. I'm proud of Kendal Thompkins, because he's always had the ability to do it, but now he's putting it all together.

Q: Do you think that the freshmen are pushing you guys, the veterans, to have a better camp?
A: Yeah. Once you have competition in a group, it brings out the best of you; because that's the way you got to push it. You can't get too comfortable. You got to keep going and push it every day.

Q: Do you think it is difficult for a guy like Kendal to be out here for five years and watch all his teammates leave? What has he done specifically to overcome that?
A: Most importantly, he noticed that this is his last go around. He's been here for five years, and he hasn't played much. So, I think it already got to him that this is his last year.

Q: When you first got here, how hard was it to learn the playbook?
A: (Laughs) It was very hard. Coming from high school, you don't really need to know too much about the details, you just go out and play. But, right now, you really got to study it and take control over the playbook.

Q: How do you think the freshmen have been picking up the plays?
A: They're learning it a lot faster than I expected them to. They're doing really good right now.

Q: Where is this team at mentally?
A: Mentally, I think we're more in unity. Before, we didn't have [that] as a team, but now we're coming together. We're ready to just take it on offense.

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