Chickillo has a new goal in mind

Anthony Chickillo talks to us after the team's second scrimmage and tells us about how the team is progressing.

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Good. We're coming up to go against Boston College, and we're trying to just see where we are.

Q: Coach Golden mentioned that there needs to be more leadership on defense. He mentioned your name. Do you think there is a lack of leadership on defense? Do you feel the need to step up?
A: I definitely need to step it up a little more and lead the guys and motivate people. That's my goal this week.

Q: Coach was also talking about Kelvin Cain. How is he looking?
A: Cain is looking good. His pass rushing is good, and he just has to keep doing better.

Q: What has he done specifically?
A: He had a good stunt and came around and got the safety.

Q: How hard is it to develop the defensive ends?
A: They just got to keep working hard; keep getting better. Everyone has to keep developing.

Q: Is there an area in particular that you felt like the defense improved from the first to the second scrimmage?
A: I felt like the tackles did better in this scrimmage. I thought we ran to the ball better, but there are still a lot of things we got to work on.

Q: What do you see out of Luther Robinson?
A: Luther has been playing good. He's been coming out off the ball; moving a lot better. He can make plays for us this year.

Q: How do you think that the team did in a game-like scrimmage?
A: I thought we did well. A lot of players did better, and we just need to be doing better.

Q: How long where you out there before the scrimmage got caught short?
A: We didn't play long. Maybe like forty plays.

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