Gaines singles out others for their play

Jimmy Gaines wasn't wearing his pads today, because he had the practice off to coach some of the younger players. His foot is healing, and feels comfortable about his linebackers. See what else he has to say about the team.

Q: You are right now behind Denzel in the middle (according to the depth chart). Do you expect to play middle, or do you see yourself moving around as the season progresses?
A: I'll just play where they tell me to play.

Q: You can play either. So, do you feel comfortable in either three positions? A: At some point in camp, I've played in all of the positions. I mean, it doesn't matter. Wherever the coaches put me, I'll go.

Q: Do you think your versatility is a bonus?
A: It's definitely a bonus. I can play most of the positions, so that's good.

Q: What do you see from the other linebackers? There has been a lot of moving around. Has anyone surprised you?
A: All the guys are working real hard. The freshmen are playing well. Denzel is doing great. Eddie Johnson is executing plays. Those guys, the guys that are playing well, are the ones that are really coming together as a group.

Q: How does your foot feel?
A: I mean it's getting there, day by day.

Q: Did you pull any plays off that made you feel the pain of your injury?
A: The scrimmage didn't last too long. So, it was ok for the last scrimmage.

Q: What do you have to say about Eddie Johnson?
A: He's a strong guy, and he loves the game. He's always competing, and he works hard every day.

Q: How's the battle with Thurston?
A: Thurston is good. Eddie is good. Thurston is making plays. I can't wait to see what happens.

Q: Should people be worried about the injuries that the linebacker positions have been experiencing?
A: I think we will do just fine.

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