Johnson talks about move to WR

Davon Johnson was moved from cornerback to wide receiver and has made it to second string on the offense. His speed and positive attitude might be that extra boost that the canes will need this season.

Q: How does it feel to be back as a wide receiver?
[Johnson played WR throughout high school] A: The opportunity feels pretty good, you know. I'm used to it. It's just second nature to me.

Q: This team needs playmakers and speed. Do you feel like you will add that element to the field?
A: My whole game is based on speed. In high school I was a playmaker, so I don't see the difference of coming out here and being a playmaker too.

Q: Is there one spot [for receiver] that you are working on mostly?
A: Not really. On the offense, I can play all of the positions. I work on each position, so I have more opportunity to get on the field.

Q: Is there one that you're more comfortable with, out of the three?
A: No. Every one of them I can play.

Q: What do you think delayed you from getting out on the field?
A: I had minor injuries here and there. I had an injury before the season started and it sent me back, because we were so deep at receiver. That minor setback was hard for me to come back and adjust.

Q: What type of injuries have you dealt with?
A: Hamstring.

Q: You feel like you and Kendal are taking advantage of your opportunities?
A: Like I said, this is our last year. We don't have [any] regrets, just laying it all on the line. We got nothing to lose, so we're just going out hard every day.

Q: Has been difficult to learn the offense, since you were playing on defense last year?
A: Nah, because before I made the move to cornerback, I was on offense. So, the plays were still similar and it wasn't that hard to just grind it.

Q: What does that say about your desire to help this team win, since you moved from cornerback to wide receiver?
A: I want to help in any way I could. I feel like my talent level is very good. I think I can contribute in offense and defense. Whatever the coaches ask me to do, I think I can do.

Q: Who has really impressed you from the younger guys?
A: I'm going to say Malcolm Lewis and Lockhart. Herb Waters is making some big plays, and Malcolm is making big plays in the slot. Lockhart is just making catches every day.

Q: Do you feel since your scrimmage was cut short on Saturday that this might impair your chances against Boston College?
A: You can say that, but I don't really think so. We come out here every day and practice really hard. We practice so hard, it's like a game. So, if we practice hard, I know the game is going to be easy; because we come out here every day and grind, grind, grind. I don't really think that missing out on the scrimmage will have any effect on our game against Boston College.

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