Johnson running with the starters

Eddie Johnson is one of the younger linebackers for this year. He's tied for first strong with Thurston Armbrister, and he's not too cocky about his game. See what he has to say about going into the season.

Q: What do you expect, if you are starting against Boston College?
A: I really don't know what to expect. I can't pass judgment right now. I don't want to say that I'm going do this, and I'm going to do that and at the end I'm not happy. I'm just going to say that we have the highest expectation going into this game.

Q: Have the older guys talked to you about how it's like to be in an away game and playing in that atmosphere?
A: I already got a feeling on how I'm going to do.

Q: Did you have a lot of offers coming out of high school?
A: No. Not that many.

Q: How much would you say?
A: Probably about thirteen or twenty.

Q: Do you feel like you have something to prove to people?
A: Nah, because if you hold a grudge, you will never get a win. I'm just happy to be here.

Q: Do you feel since your scrimmage was cut short on Saturday that that might be detrimental against you, when you go against Boston College?
A: Nah, it was a great scrimmage. Everybody was working hard. Every day I practice like it's a scrimmage.

Q: How did the team perform in a game-like situation?
A: To me, we performed well. So, if you keep performing, keep being accountable and keep doing what you got to do, then everything will be fine. We're going to be a good team this year.

Q: What type of feedback are you getting from the coaches?
A: Just to keep being accountable, keep doing my assignments and having no mental errors.

Q: Would you say that your position (linebacker) is one of the more volatile positions?
A: I would say that we already got our guys pointed out. We know what positions we're going to play.

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