Green talks as team prepares for BC

Shayon Green is a first year starter at defensive end. Read on to see what he has to say about his team as they prepare for Saturday's season opener against Boston College.

Q: How do you think you're doing, personally?
A: I think that I'm doing well, and I just want to stay healthy and keep doing what I'm doing on defense.

Q: Do you think you're 100 percent right now?
A: Yes.

Q: How have you embraced your leadership role?
A: I'm the type of person that leads by action. I'll go full speed every day at practice. I'll see the young guys look at me at practice and think "Shayon is doing this". I feel like they feed off my energy to do well.

Q: How do you think some of those new guys are adjusting to the college game?
A: Tracy Howard is very ready for this stage, and he comes in like a leader. [Howard] is finishing and doing everything right.

Q: Boston College has a new offense coordinator. Do you expect for their offense to look the same or different?
A: It's not what I expect. Its how I prepare for the game and how ready I am and how ready we are as a unit to overcome last year's defeat.

Q: Have you guys watched any film from BC?
A: Yes we have.

Q: Do they impress you in certain aspects?
A: They're a really good team. I can't take anything from them. I just got to compete.

Q: What do you think about their offense?
A: They have good size up front and speed. [They] have a lot of experience on the o-line and we're looking at all that and seeing how we can defeat it.

Q: Do you think you will surprise a lot of people on how well you guys do?
A: I don't want to surprise, because we never left, we've been the same team. We might be the same team, but this team has come a long way, and it's time to show something different.

Q: Is it pretty easy to get motivated for this game, since you lost against them last season? Q: Do you guys think of the last game at all?
A: It had an upside down turn in my stomach, but right now it's just time to see which team is better.

Q: Is there anything that you tried taking from last game and you're going to try to implement on Saturday's?
A: Yes. Last year we didn't tackle as well as we needed to. So, this year I feel like if we don't miss any tackles and just get to the ball and make turnovers, we'll have a good game.

Q: When was the turning point during practice when you started focusing more on your game against BC?
A: It just came to us.

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