Dorsett: Morris spreads it around well

Phillip Dorsett is hungry for the game against Boston College this Saturday. He's motivating his receivers and keeping a good attitude. With Dorsett being our punt/kickoff returner and one of the team's top receivers, there will be a lot of eyes turning to his #4 jersey. Read on to see what he has to say about the upcoming game.

Q: Where do you think the excitement level for the season is?
A: We're very excited to start the new season, because it's game week. We can't wait to go out there and play another team. [We're] tired of bumping heads with each other.

Q: What's the Canes' offense going to be like?
A: I'm not really worried about it. It's going to be the same as last year.

Q: As a receiver group, do you think you guys can make big plays?
A: Yeah. Stephen does a great job at distributing the ball, so I fee like we can make plays after the catch.

Q: Do you prefer starting the season off against Boston College?
A: I like the opportunity. I'm not really worried about who we play. Whoever we play, we got to take it to them and play however we can and as hard as we can.

Q: When you are starting a season is there a certain amount of time that it takes the team to settle into the games?
A: Not really. We just go out there and play whoever we're going to play. There is no period of time it takes for us to settle in. We're just going to go all out for the first game.

Q: What have you done to psyche up the players for the game this Saturday?
A: I basically told everyone that it was a heartbreaking season last year with Boston College beating us. We wanted to go out and win for all the seniors that were leaving us. So, there is motivation for us to win this game.

Q: Do you think Boston College has changed up their game, since the last time you played them?
A: It's hard to tell, because we have only seen footage of them from last year. But they're a very sound team. They don't make mental errors. They're in place all the time. So, whatever we see, we have to take advantage of.

Q: What's your attitude going into Saturday's game?
A: I'm hungry. I'm playing the game with a chip on my shoulder. We're young at the receiver position, but we don't really worry about it. We're just going to go out there and play the game.

Q: Do you feel like the team is on your page? Are they hungry too?
A: Yeah. I feel like they're the same team and they're as hungry as me.

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