Golden previews Boston College

Coach Al Golden talks to the press about Boston College. Read on to see what he has to say about Saturday's foretelling game.

Q: There are a half a dozen teams in the country that are opening with a league game. Is there any pro and cons to it?
A: Again, as I said many times, I know you guys want a better answer, but the time to complain about the schedule is when it's being made. Right now we're playing BC on the road. That's the way it is. It's not going to do us any good to complain about it…The reality is that's who we are playing, and the reality is that Miami has not traditionally played an easy game to open up the season. Like I said, it's a great test for us early in the year, and we'll see how the guys respond.

Q: Since you played them last, how does that affect your performance?
A: They're different teams. From their standpoint, they're at forty one returning lettermen, and I think we've lost twenty four lettermen. We're a completely different team. They have almost all their starters back, including their quarterback, who I think is a big time player. So, I don't know. They have a new offensive coordinator, which is certainly something that we have to prepare for in Coach Cory Martin and Jim Bollman, so I think certainly we will see a little bit of both of those philosophies show up on their offense. We'll see where we are at on Saturday, but the reality is that last year's game really doesn't have any bearing,

Q: How has the storm (hurricane Isaac) affected your preparation?
A: It didn't. We just switched days. We were going to take Monday off and practice Sunday, and we just switched days.

Q: Last season you said this team needed more physicality and that Boston beat you guys on the line. After spending more time with this team, would you say that they're more physical?
A: I hope we're more physical, but, again, if you're going to test that, this is the right offense to test it against. They average probably 6-6 upfront. They controlled the line of scrimmage against us a year ago. They were physical on both sides. They're defensive tackle are big and strong. One defensive tackle is 6-foot-eight. They don't beat themselves. They're solid. They have a formula. They run the football. They're one of the best teams in college football the last seven years, in terms of defending the run. They control the clock. They don't beat themselves with penalties, and they don't give up explosive plays. It's a formula that has worked for them. It's been tested by time that it has worked for them, and obviously that's what we have to overcome.

Q: You've lost some veterans from last year's team. What convinces you that this team is going to take a step forward?
A: I'm not worried about last year. I think the team is reborn every year. This team's personality is markedly different than last year's team. The challenge lies ahead. It's not about worrying about any game right now.

Q: Have the young guys asked you any questions or advice about how it's going to be like?
A: For us it's just two acres and a ball. We're really not worrying about anything, other than executing.

Q: There are a lot of positions that are still not totally determined who's starting. Have those been settled yet?
A: If it's that close then you will see both guys in the game; if it's an OR situation. Our feeling is whoever practices better is going to start the game and whoever plays better in the game is going to finish it.

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