Mike's Thoughts: First Half of BC Game

Miami leads Boston College 21-20 at halftime of today's game. Read on for some first half thoughts by CanesTime's Mike Bakas.

* Stephen Morris is playing well. He's feeling the rush, spreading the ball around, and four of his seven incomplete passes hit receivers in the hands. His Interception should have been a big play down inside the 10, which would've likely set up some type of score.

* Duke Johnson is doing exactly what those of us who had the pleasure of watching him for the last few years at Norland saw him do.

* Allen Hurns is having a very good first half. He has a few third down catches.

* Davon Johnson is not only playing but already has a third down reception.

* Only 3 of the first 21 passes went to tight ends. They weren't really heavily involved last season and it appears the same will be the case this season.

* Only one false start (Bunche on the first play of the game), no holdings, no sacks, and the backs (minus EC's 2 goal line carries) are averaging 4.6 per carry. The offensive line is playing well.

* The front four is not generating any pressure and that's going to be expected because of the lack of pass rushers at defensive end and the style of play from the team's top defensive tackles (run stuffers). It'll be interesting to see if they start blitzing some, which is always a major risk with such a young back 7.

* BC's biggest play (first drive) simply seemed to have been a mental mistake by a first time player (OLB Thurston Armbrister). Otherwise, the linebackers seem to be playing fairly well.

* Their 83 has over 100 yards receiving and a couple key third down catches. I expect UM to switch some things up to try slowing him down some in the 2nd half. He's been, by far, their best offensive weapon.

* What a great, athletic play by Dalton Botts to get that punt off late in the 2nd. How Golden reacted on the sidelines, that mistake seems to be on Olsen Pierre and not the long snapper.

* Only two penalties so far. On the road and with one of the youngest teams in all of college football, that's a tremendous stat so far and is one of the main reasons why UM is winning the game.

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