Mike's Thoughts: BC Game (offense)

The Hurricanes defeated Boston College Saturday, 41-32, and CanesTime's Mike Bakas offers his thoughts on today's offensive performance.

* Stephen Morris played well. First season as full-time starter and he went on the road in the opener against a solid opponent and won. He wasn't helped with the 4 or 5 drops and the interception wasn't on him. He did a nice job using his feet to make plays. He did take a sack in which he held onto it too long. Overall, a solid performance.

* Duke Johnson is, by far, Miami's best running back. I knew he was a special talent. What I didn't know and expect was for Mike James to carry it 14 times and break very few tackles, if any. I thought he went down on first contact way too much. 3.9 yards per rush against an average defense isn't going to cut it down the stretch. He needs to play better. It's also very clear, after week one, that Eduardo Clements (not James) is the short-yardage back.

* Allen Hurns was very good. He had a drop but played very well. He did what we thought -- moved the chains, blocked, and caught some balls over the middle.

* For as many good things we've heard about Kendal Thompkins lately, he had zero catches and two drops today -- about the same player we've seen here for the last four years. He's not expected to be much of a factor in the passing game this season because of that.

* When Miami signed several receivers back in February, I thought Malcolm Lewis was the most college-ready of the bunch because of how polished he was at the time. Today, he proved it. He's the only freshman to receive any targets there and actually made some really nice plays. I predict he'll be Miami's second best receiver by season's end.

* The tight ends only accounted for 14-percent of the receptions and 11-percent of the yards today. I think that's about the same number they'll hover at all season.

* Morris dropped back to throw 46 times and the offensive line allowed one sack, which was more of a coverage sack than anything, and they weren't called for holding one time. Those guys did a very good job in pass pro. They helped Clements be successful on two of his three short-yardage runs. And even if you take away Duke's long runs (which they blocked really well on), the running backs still averaged 4.5 yards per carry. This unit played well today.

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