Mike's Thoughts: BC Game (defense)

The Hurricanes defeated Boston College Saturday, 41-32, and CanesTime's Mike Bakas offers his thoughts on today's defensive performance.

* Boston College has one of the biggest and most experienced offensive lines in the ACC. Miami's front four did a solid job against the run, allowing just 3.5 yards per carry to the two BC running backs. They didn't miss many tackles either. Luther Robinson caused a fumble that set up a score for the Canes. They were solid in the running game. * Miami's front four was terrible in their pass rush today. BC dropped back to throw it 51 times today and the Canes didn't register a single sack. In addition, they failed to even draw a holding penalty on those 51 plays. The front four generated very little pressure on the BC quarterback and while that's something that has to change moving forward, it's unlikely considering the personnel up front right now. Aside from Anthony Chickillo, an above average pass rusher, there aren't any experienced pass rushers. The most skilled ones are the youngsters and they're not getting many minutes yet.

* The linebackers had a few mental breakdowns, which led to some big plays by BC's backs and tight ends, and really struggled in coverage. Their running backs caught 13 passes for 204 yards and their tight ends caught 4 for 45 (and their best tight end, Chris Pantale, didn't play due to injury). The unit was solid against the run. Denzel Perryman was all over the field making plays. Eddie Johnson had a great hustle play in which he caused a fumble. Overall, it seemed like an average performance today by the 'backers.

* The secondary really struggled. BC's receivers caught 15 passes for 192 yards against Miami's back four. That was without their top returning wideout from last season (injured). Vaughn Telemaque had a key pass interference called against him, which didn't help. Brandon McGee was solid in run support, however, and made a key third down stop behind the line of scrimmage. A major part of the struggles here is youth related. After McGee, it's an extremely young group. Even the non-first year players (Kacy Rodgers, A.J. Highsmith, and Thomas Finnie) had no previous starting experience. They'll get better as the season goes along but it helps that K-State doesn't have a prolific passing game and Georgia Tech runs the ball 90-percent of the time in their triple option offense.

* The special teams units were very good. BC only averaged 14 yards per kick return and only got one yard on their punt return. Jake Wieclaw connected on both field goals. Dalton Botts placed two balls inside the 20 and made a tremendously athletic play to get a punt off on a snap that hit another player. Duke Johnson and Phillip Dorsett each had solid kick returns, too.

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