Athlete Has UM Offer

Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday morning when Orlando (Fla.) Edgewater standout Kenny Ingram wakes up, he knows he has a tough day ahead of him.

Thanks to a strength and conditioning program that is run by former Pittsburgh Steeler Aaron Jones (the father of a teammate of Ingram), the talented athlete gets in a full workout.

"It's me, Xavier Carter from Palm Bay, Aaron Jones, and Brandon Siler," Ingram said. "We have a real good program going. It's a speed and agility camp for the most part. We work on takeoffs, footwork, agility drills, run with parachutes, and do the small things that help improve our speed and agility."

Ingram said the program has been working.

"Everyone's getting faster," he said. "My 40-time has gone from a 4.51 to a 4.49 and he's tough on the testing. Plus I've become more explosive, can play with better balance, and stuff like that."

Ingram talked about the other players in the program.

"Xavier is just plain fast," he said. "His speed is sick and he's finding ways to get even faster. Brandon [Siler] is real fast, especially for his size. He had a great year last year. I've never even seen him play but I can tell he's going to have a great year. Aaron actually broke his wrist in the Palm Bay game last year and played on it for most of the season. He didn't get to play in the spring but he's ready now."

At 6-foot-5 and 207 pounds (up 12 pounds since the start of spring), Ingram said his vertical jump is also getting up there.

"I'm up to a 38 right now," he said. "I want to get close to 40 by the time the season starts."

Coming off an excellent junior campaign, Ingram said his team has been working very hard together this offseason as they try to erase last year's last-second loss to Miami Norland in the state championship game.

"I still can't believe that," he said. "I'm still in shock sometimes. I haven't even gone back to watch the tape. Never will, it hurt that much. We're real hungry to get back there this year and finish this time. We just have to get some young guys to step up."

In addition to the camp and team workouts, Ingram has been playing a lot of competitive basketball this summer.

"I'm playing AAU ball and we've been traveling a lot," he said. "I just got back from Kentucky and I've been to Texas and Virginia this summer. We're leaving for Vegas real soon."

Ingram, who has only played football for just over two years, said the start of his career wasn't easy.

"I wasn't real good when I came out as a freshman," he said. "I didn't take it real seriously and didn't improve much. Then the summer before 10th I started working out real hard and realizing how fun it was going to be. I've just gone from there."

Ingram, who scored an 810 on the SAT the first time, has become one of the state's top football prospects as well. The only question is where he'll end up playing in college.

"Some tell me I'll play wide receiver," he said. "Some tell me I'll be a free safety, some tell me they don't know yet. I don't have a favorite position. If someone asked me to play linebacker, I'd do it. I just want to get on the field and help the team in whatever ways I can."

The talented athlete has a number of scholarship offers but he's narrowed his list down some.

"The only ones I'm really looking at seriously are Miami, USC, Florida State, and Ohio State," he said. "I figure that if I want to be the best then I'm going to have to play with the best. I feel that's an opportunity those four schools provide."

The talented athlete claims scholarships from two of his four favorites, including the Hurricanes.

"Miami and USC have both offered me," he said. "I think Ohio State and Florida State will soon but it hasn't happened yet."

Ingram talked more about the offer from the Hurricanes.

"They offered me in the spring," he said. "I got a letter in the mail from them that said I have a full NCAA scholarship and it explained everything it covers. It said it'll be there for me as long as I keep my GPA above a 2.0 and I'm good there cause I have a 2.7 core right now. I was pretty happy when Miami offered me."

The Edgewater standout was asked if he had a favorite among his group of favorites.

"I really haven't narrowed it down too much," he said, "but I do like Miami a little more than the rest of them right now. I like the school and plus I got family there so that helps. It's Miami, hey, what can I say. They send a lot of people to the pros and since I want to be there someday, I feel that Miami's a good starting point. I'm definitely very interested in becoming a Hurricane but I'm not ready to make any decisions yet. I'm going to take all my visits."

Ingram, who also has an offer from Alabama, said he's being recruited as an athlete by the Hurricanes.

"They have me written down as an athlete," he said. "They feel that I can play a couple different positions and we'll work it out when I get there. I'm 207 now but I might be bigger by the time I start college."

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