Grading the Canes: Game 1 (offense)

The Hurricanes defeated Boston College by the score of 41-32 on Saturday. Lets take a closer look at how the offense performed.

Quarterback: A
Stephen Morris finished the game 28-of-45 for 207 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. He also took one sack. Those numbers would have been much better had his receivers not dropped five or six catchable balls. His 62-percent completion rate probably should have been over 70-percent, even though he only threw three balls that traveled more than ten yards. All three of those passes were catchable, however. His only interception came on a beautiful pass to Rashawn Scott, when the ball hit off his chest and fell into the hands of a BC defender. Morris was 8-for-16 on third downs, with three drops. Whenever your quarterback gives you a chance to complete 11-of-16 passes on third downs, he's getting the job done and giving you a chance to be very successful. Morris also ran for a first down on one third down. He threw to nine different receivers and played a very good football game to start the season.

Running Back: A-
Mike James finished the game with 54 yards on 14 carries but failed to break many tackles and often went down on first contact. He converted his only third down attempt but was unable to generate much yardage after the first contact. Duke Johnson was Miami's best offensive weapon. He finished the game with 145 yards of offense and two long touchdown runs. He also converted a fourth-and-short situation on a very tough run. Eduardo Clements converted on one-of-two goal line carries and he also converted his only third-and-short carry. James was solid but didn't get much after contact. Johnson was very explosive. Clements was very good as the short-yardage back.

Wide Receiver: C
Allen Hurns was the go-to guy in the passing game on Saturday. He received the most targets (10) and caught the most balls (8 for 81 yards). He had a drop in the game but also caught three of his four targets on third down. Malcolm Lewis was next in line, with five targets. He caught four for 42 yards, including a touchdown on third down. Scott was next, with four targets. He caught two for 23, including a third down catch, but also had a drop that was intercepted. Dorsett also saw four targets, catching three for nine yards. Davon Johnson caught his only target for seven yards while converting a third down. Kendal Thompkins dropped both of his targets, one on third down and one on fourth. Overall, this unit caught 18 passes but none down the field. They had five drops, a fumble (Dorsett), and didn't generate many big plays after the catch. They did block well in the running game, though.

Tight End: B
Dyron Dye started the game and was a key player in the running game. Asante Cleveland caught two passes for 12 yards and saw three total targets. Clive Walford caught both of his targets for 10 yards, including a third down conversion.

Offensive Line: A
The same five played and had a very strong performance. Morris dropped back to throw it close to 50 times and was only sacked one time, which could have been considered a coverage sack. They weren't called for any holding penalties either, so they were very good in pass pro. The running game was strong throughout. The team ran the ball on five third or fourth-and-short situations and converted three first downs and scored one touchdown. They opened up holes all day and they got the strong push when they needed it most. Malcolm Bunche and Shane McDermott each were called for five-yard penalties but otherwise, it was an outstanding performance.

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