McGee talks as team prepares for K-State

Brandon McGee keeps his defense pumped, alongside with Deon Bush. Read on to see his analysis on UM's first game.

Q: It seemed like the receivers had a lot of space to work with. Have you done anything in practice to fix or address the problem?
A: Just as players being accountable. If you watch film, a lot of the passing yards that were passed were in the backfield. It wasn't [a] beat down down field. We just go to correct those mistakes.

Q: What do you have to say about Kansas State?
A: Great team. It's a big road game for us. We just came off a big road game but that's in the past, behind us. The leaders on this team and the older guys understand that you're the backbone of this game, and it's our responsibility to get the other guys on page.

Q: Do you think it will be a challenge to go against the same quarter back that hurt you last game with his feet and his arm (pertaining to Kansas State)?
A: We definitely like the challenge. It's something that we are aware of. They have great athletes and a great quarterback. We need to bring our A game.

Q: How did Tracy Howard do in his first game?
A: Tracy did well. Being that it was his first game, since he's a freshman, and the atmosphere he was in, he did exceptionally well.

Q: How about Deon Bush?
A: D did good as well. We were actually joking with him, because he brought a lot of energy to the game. It's good to see those young guys going out and having fun. I get excited for him.

Q: What's the defensive reaction when you break the two runs like you did?
A: It brings energy to them. It gives us that spark. I mean, we see the offense scoring points, so we feel obligated to fight back.

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