Feliciano: We don't care if they're freshmen

Jon Feliciano has learned from last year's goal line stand and has used that as motivation during the offseason to get better. See what he has to say about this upcoming game against Kansas State.

Q: You seemed up tempo against Boston College. How did you guys maintain the physical discipline?
A: Swasey [conditioning coach] has done a great job of keeping us in shape this offseason. We felt good. We could have gone a couple more quarters.

Q: You played against Kansas State last year. What do you remember about their team?
A: They're a great team. They have a great foundation over there. It's going to be a great game between us.

Q: What did you learn from last year's game?
A: Their d-line is really good. They have the linebacker that was here (Arthur Brown).He's really good, so we're going to have to isolate him. He's really fast and shifty. We got to stay low and get him down.

Q: Were you on the field when they were doing the last goal line stand?
A: Yeah; awkward. We worked on that the whole offseason; getting better and staying lower.

Q: How many guys on your team now were out there?
A: Linder and I were the only two. I was playing right tackle, and he was right guard. During the offseason we used it as motivation. We used it as a push, because we wanted to get that back.

Q: How impressed were you about the freshmen during the last game, against BC?
A: Malcolm, Duke, and Ereck, all had great games. We expected that from them, because we really don't care if their freshmen. We know they're going to come out and perform.

Q: How's Shane doing?
A: He's doing really good. He had little mishaps during the game, but that's little kinks that we're working out.

Q: Do you mean with the exchanges?
A: It just got a little loud and we couldn't hear Stephen. So, we worked on that.

Q: How did the noise affect you?
A: We work with noise this whole week, so we're going to get better at that.

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