Kehoe happy with BC performance

Art Kehoe is happy about the outcome of Boston College's game. With the looks of the O-line this season, they might be the tightest unit in the team. See what Kehoe has to say about his player's performance.

Q: How impressed were you about the conditioning that was displayed in the game against Boston College?
A: Coach Golden wanted to play two deep, and we really didn't get to play as much guys as we wanted. That's probably the only area in the team in the o-line. Those guys deserve to go in. If we would have played a little bit better and ran some more play, we might have been able to get those guys in. I thought these guys played hard. They were really physical, and that's fun to watch when you're watching film. [Stamina] was never a problem. We have practiced twenty times in 95 degrees. It was 72 up there. I think we could have played a double header.

Q: When you see Duke with those long runs and you see a bunch of your guys running field after him, how happy are you?
A: It's beautiful. We point it out all the time, because we're not alone and we're getting up on the ball, and I said "hey, man, when the ball breaks, you break". Coach Golden talks about arm violence and you want to see arm violence when you're chasing. The defense is only one that did that, and we need to do that too.

Q: Specifically looking at Ereck Flowers, how did his game break down?
A: He's amazingly -- for a quiet guy -- confident and aggressive. He doesn't talk much in meetings. You can't be shy when you're on the offensive line, because you got to make calls and there are a lot of things happening in the tackle box that orders protections. He has to make calls, and he does. Brandon Linder has helped him amazingly. Brandon is such a steady influence, and he's helped him a lot. But once [Ereck] got real confident, he started bullying guys around, and that's beautiful to see.

Q: Now that Seantrel is back in the mix, what are you going to do to get him back in the flow?
A: Well, we'll see what we can do to get him back in there, and we'll see how that goes. But, he's been pressing really hard, and we're trying to get him right.

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