Golden talks before K-State

Read on to see what Al Golden thinks his team needs to win again on Saturday.

On Eddie Johnson:
I see more consistency in him. The biggest thing now is there is some consistency in his approach and technique. I think it showed up in game day. If you can kind of contrast the play, when he caused the fumble, that was kind of who we were the other day. We made a mistake, but, yet, he finished the play and was aggressive. We weren't paralyzed by the play. We kept fighting. Eddie's play kind of personifies that. He gets beaten, chases the guy and knocks the ball out. We need that kind of effort. If we continue to do that, then we can continue to minimalize the mistakes. It is much harder to teach that aggressiveness and recklessness, and it's good to see that again.

On the rotation of the O-line:
We would like to play more guys. We're going to have to play more guys. For whatever reason, it didn't work out that way. We're going to try to have a better rotation. I don't know how the heat is going to be like this Saturday. Typically, it's hot out there this time of year, and the turf adds a couple of degrees in the heat index. So we're going to have to play more guys there, but we are clearly excited.

On Ereck Flowers:
I don't know if he will ever be a loud guy. I don't know if he will ever be vocal, but, certainly, he is demonstrating some leadership qualities just because of the way he is performing. But, again, he is surrounded by Brandon and Shane and those guys. Those guys do a good job of playing along with him. It just happened so fast in game day. I was just so pleased with his poise and just the look he had in the sideline. He's going to be challenged this week; good pass rushers and good defense. So, hopefully, we'll continue to make progress with Flowers.

On Dyron Dye's promotion on the depth chart:
I think he was one of those guys that was good on the offseason; had a good summer. He lost some weight. He looks different. Dyron's technique on a couple of blocks wasn't perfect, and it was similar to what I was saying about Eddie's. But he was aggressive, when we needed him to be, in the short yardage and the goal line. We just got to continue to build his confidence.

On the challenges that present themselves against Kansas State:
I can't imagine there is a better running quarterback in the country than Collin Klein. He's fast, because of his top end speed. He will make you miss and then he will run you over. His durability must be off the charts. I think he led the big twelve in rushing. He gets strong as the game goes on. We're going to have to get a lot of hats on him and certainly account for him in our schemes. Again, I'm not going to sell anybody out. It was a couple of guys who blew an assignment. They led to explosive plays, and sometimes that's communications and poise. I'm not going to say it's experience or inexperience. The bottom line is if you're out there, you got to be able to do it; you got to be able to think on your feet. You have to be able to communicate, if you're a corner with the safety near you. We just got to do a better job there. They're no excuses. We gave up too many explosive plays, and, quite honestly, that's what allowed things to get sticky at the end.

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