Mike's Thoughts: KSU Game (offense)

The Hurricanes were defeated by Kansas State Saturday, 52-13, and CanesTime's Mike Bakas offers his thoughts on today's offensive performance.

Good: Stephen Morris and Ryan Williams combined to complete 21-of-27 passes for 221 yards. Three of the six incompletions were dropped. They threw a lot of high percentage passes but they also completed a good number of them. The only turnover came on a hit where Morris didn't see coming from the blindside. They did a nice job of getting the ball out and into the hands of the playmakers without turning the ball over much. Williams came into the game in the final minutes and led a very good drive, even though it was against a lot of backups on the K-State defense.
Bad: Morris held onto the football a little too long on a few different plays. He took a couple negative plays when he could have and should have thrown the ball away to avoid the negative plays. Someone with his athleticism should never finish a game with nine carries for negative yardage.

Running Back:
Good: nothing worth writing about
Bad: The three primary running backs finished the game with 19 carries for 50 yards, just 2.6 per carry. Mike James didn't break tackles and Duke Johnson didn't make people miss. Johnson did catch two passes for 18 yards but he also dropped three passes. Eduardo Clements failed his short yardage attempt by fumbling it over early in the game.

Wide Receiver:
Good: Unlike last weekend, there were no legit drops from this group. Rashawn Scott was the most active and did a nice job of moving the chains, catching four for 39 yards. Allen Hurns was off to a fast start before getting hurt.
Bad: They simply didn't get good separation and didn't create a lot of things on their own. Morris took a couple sacks, which could be credited to the coverage against these guys in the defensive secondary. This group caught a lot of balls near the line of scrimmage but only averaged 9.2 per catch, with a long of 25 (Scott), which means they were unable to make guys miss or break tackles to turn short passes into big plays -- something this offense will need in order to be real successful.

Tight End:
Good: Clive Walford was very good in the passing game. He was Miami's best offensive player today. He turned a short pass into a long gain, even though he got run down from behind. He showed strong hands by catching the touchdown in the back of the endzone. If he can be that type of weapon in the passing game every week, the Canes will have another major target in their offense.
Bad: They didn't get it done from a blocking standpoint. Dyron Dye didn't really provide much in that area. Asante Cleveland, a pass-catching tight end, didn't see a single ball.

Offensive Line:
Good: not much worth writing about
Bad: It was almost the complete opposite of last week. They struggled with penalties. They didn't protect Morris real well. Malcolm Bunche gave a K-State defender a free shot on Morris, which caused a turnover. They didn't open up many holes in the running game. It just was a performance to forget from this group.

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