Mike's Thoughts: KSU Game (defense)

The Hurricanes were defeated by Kansas State Saturday, 52-13, and CanesTime's Mike Bakas offers his thoughts on today's defensive performance.

Defensive Line:
Good: For the first time all season, this unit finally recorded a sack. K-State only threw the ball 11 times so the Canes got to him once out of 12 potential attempts. The sack went to Anthony Chickillo. Olsen Pierre made seven stops and caused a fumble, and had a solid performance as a D-Tackle. Shayon Green had eight stops and also caused a fumble, so he was active.
Bad: They were simply run over as a unit. The interior was pushed around for the most part. K-State averaged 4.8 yards per carry and the defensive line was credited with just two tackles for loss on the 60 K-State runs. They simply got pushed around way too much.

Good: Denzel Perryman made some nice stops, including a big one on third and one from inside the Miami five. He made an open field tackle near the sideline that forced K-State into kicking a field goal. That could have been a huge play in the game but things never got better after that for the entire team. K-State's running backs didn't catch a single pass, a week after BC's backs went for over 200 through the air.
Bad: K-State's backup tight end caught a pass for 58 yards right down the middle of the field. It's the second big week in a row for the opposing tight end, something the UM linebackers are obviously having a hard time defending. The three starting linebackers finished the game with 16 tackles but most of them were 4+ yards down the field.

Defensive Back:
Good: Thomas Finnie had a nice pass breakup in the endzone on a slant route that prevented a touchdown. Brandon McGee had an interception down the sideline. Deon Bush caused a fumble in run support, even though the Canes were unable to recover it.
Bad: K-State's wide receivers caught eight passes for 152 yards and one score. They were running free all afternoon. KSU only attempted 11 passes and so the receivers averaged almost 14 yards per attempt, a terrible number for the defensive backfield.

Special Teams:
Good: Jake Wieclaw connected on both field goal attempts. Dalton Botts averaged 40 yards per punt. Duke Johnson had a long kickoff return. It was a very strong overall performance from this unit.
Bad: K-State had a couple solid returns and averaged 27 per kick return, so the coverage unit didn't perform really well.

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