Lewis talks about K-State loss

Malcolm Lewis is a calm, well-gathered freshman, who has demonstrated his poise on the field. He feels confident about going against Bethune and is not worried about Allen Hurns being out because of a second head injury. Read to see what this young receiver has to say about his game.

Q: What did you think went wrong in the Kansas State game, after you reviewed the film?
A: We were just messing up and we wanted to capitalize on the opportunities we had.

Q: Have you been comfortable with these last two games?
A: I'm very comfortable right now. I've been studying the plays.

Q: With Allen out, do you feel like you're one of those guys that have to step up?
A: Not really. Like I said, I'm comfortable with my plays. I'm keeping consistent right now, so I'm very comfortable.

Q: What went right for you guys on Saturday?
A: We're still working on our alignment and adjustments and things like that, but we're still working hard and we're still trying to come back.

Q: What's the mood that the freshmen had after last game's loss?
A: We're just trying to be like the upper classmen and trying to focus.

Q: How do you take that loss personally?
A: I try to forget about it, but I can't let that happen. I'm more worried about the next game.

Q: Do you like this quick-pass tactic that you guys are using? Are you getting use to that?
A: I mean, I just think it's something that we have adjusted in the game. I think it works, so we've tried it, and if it continues to work, then we'll keep trying for it.

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