Bush already emerging as a leader

Deon Bush is now on top in the depth chart and has to fill in the major gap that senior Safety, Vaughn Telemaque (left knee injury), left behind. Read on to see how the freshman is stepping up to fill in the defensive vacancy.

On becoming a leader.
A: I feel like I'm ready. I'm just going to go out there and give my arm for the team. I don't really feel that much pressure because I have guys by my side, but I'm just trying to lay my brick.

On his mindset.
A: From a football standpoint, whenever I see someone with the ball it's my job to put them down; no matter where I'm at in the field. I feel like if the player scores or if he gets a big gain, it's my fault. The approach that I take to the game is to be vicious and just try and go after the ball carrier.

On the morale of the defense after the Kansas State game.
A: Everyone was just picking everyone up. It's heartbreaking when you lose like that, because in the end of the day no one wants to lose. It took responsibility; we hold each other responsible for that loss, and we are willing to just put it behind us and work hard.

On the freshmen, Rashawn Scott and Tracy Howard.
They're doing great. Tracy is a great player. He's ready to breakout right now. He studies the film all the time and talks about football all the time and Rashawn as well. He's also a great player that a lot of people haven't seen yet. I feel like both of those guys are going to be great this year.

On being on the starting lineup
It's a great feeling. I still have to work hard. I still have to compete. It's just something that I've always wanted to do, and I just set my goals high.

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