Kehoe: That was a hard night

Miami's offensive line didn't play well last Saturday and coach Art Kehoe talked about the game.

After a strong performance against Boston College in the opener, Miami's offensive line really struggled at K-State last week. They weren't able to open up holes in the running game and allowed Stephen Morris to be sacked multiple times. Art Kehoe talked some about it.

"I think they played hard with decent performances," Kehoe said. "It was kind of hard to put your thumbprint on it because it was like a puzzle, because we had a good chance of winning and we knew we were in for a fist fight. They're a good team and things just got out of hand. It was a hard night."

Offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch liked the early success the O-Line and the entire offense was having.

"We were able to move the ball early, and we just didn't score on the red zone," Fisch said. "I think we had more red zone opportunities to score touchdowns, and we walked away with one touchdown. So, that was disappointing. That opening drive, you know we were down 7-0 and we got an eight play drive, and it's third and one and we convert to get the first and ten, [instead] we turn it over. When you get down to the ten next time and you're down 14-0, you have to score a touchdown."

The offensive line struggled with its protection but it gave Morris enough time to find a lot of open receivers throughout the night. Offensively, the team didn't take full advantage of it.

"Clive got us down there with a 56 yard catch," Fisch said. "We missed that opportunity on second down and had Duke to hit and we didn't hit him. We didn't really execute well in any level."

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