McGee talks Duke Johnson, Ga Tech

Brandon McGee is now one of the most experienced defensive players that isn't injured, but his attitude hasn't flinched because of the UM's curtailing defense. He will be an important player on Saturday, even though GT is mostly a running team. Read on to see what his outlook on the game is.

Q: Since you do not have a familiarity with their offense, will it be more difficult to go against Georgia Tech?
A: In a sense, it does. But, you know, we just got to compete and keep preparing. These next few days are crucial for a lot of young guys to get in and study film and for the vets to lead the way.

Q: What's the craziest thing you have ever seen Duke Johnson do?
A: The craziest thing I've seen him do was just do a back flip; no hands, no running start, or anything. It wasn't even a back flip. I was like a side flip or something. I can't even explain it. It was at the end of a run [during practice]. The kid is gifted.

Q: Since you have been here, who is comparable to Duke?
A: Definitely Lamar. Sean Spence. I just can't think of many people.

Q: What do you guys have to do against GT?
A: A blown assignment is big play for those guys. So, it's just important that we lock in and do our assignments. You know, attention to detail and just do our job.

Q: As a cornerback, what's the biggest thing to focus on this week?
A: Georgia Tech doesn't a lot, but, when they do throw, they're going deep. So, you have to pay attention to detail and just do your job.

Q: Can you read those keys?
A: Yeah. I'll tell you that's the biggest thing. Because you gotta get that done in practice; knowing what we have to do, knowing where have to be, and just trusting your eyes.

Q: What is it like defending Duke in practice?
A: Duke is elusive and he has the power. Sudden power, at times. You know, I was going up against him everyday at camp; seeing him go through development, and getting better everyday, and asking questions. We have a guy that is hungry and getting better and the production shows on the field.

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