Johnson confident LB's will step up

Eddie's Johnson's words: "I want to create a new legacy. I want to be the first team to win the ACC coastal". Johnson has shown some promise on the field that many weren't expecting. Now that there are more injuries on the team, there will be more of Eddie to fill in the gaps on the rotation. Read on to see how this young player is prepared for the task set before him.

Q: Was it hard for you to get into the next level of football after high school?
A: I wouldn't get any love. I was a late bloomer. My high school coach just told that there was nothing really good going on, so I moved with my god father to another city and started my senior year there.

Q: Who was your first offer?
A: My first official offer was UAB.

Q: How much later did UM come into the process?
A: Real late (laughs). Like maybe three days before signing day.

Q: With all the injuries that have happened, do you see this as a huge opportunity for you?
A: I don't feel as a standout player. I see myself as a guy that does his job and when his number calls, he just makes his plays.

Q: What have you been doing to prepare for your position, and what has coach D been telling you about your role this week.
A: Just to watch film, protect yourself and do your job.

Q: You guys kind of have a next man mentality here. How confident are you with lining up with Gionni, Jimmy, and even Thurston, and guys who want to play just because of the injuries?
A: We're all prepared. We've all been through the same; we all take the same notes; we all get our reps in practice, so it's like everybody is doing their job. Now, of course, Denzel is out. So, you know that that spark is not going to be on the field, but there is more than one spark on the field. You got to me out there. We got Jimmy Gaines out there. We got Tyrone Cornelius. We've got Nantambu Fentress. He's a big guy who shows up on the special teams that nobody really knew about. I'm really proud of him because of the way he stepped up.

Q: What are some of the problems that you saw on the defense when you went against Bethune Cookman?
A: That's funny, because we don't really see any problems. We're just trying to better ourselves.

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