WR/DB Says UM is Dropping

At 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds, Riviera Beach (Fla.) Suncoast standout quarterback/wide receiver/cornerback DaJuan Morgan told me in an interview earlier this summer that he planned on attending Miami's camp and leaving with an offer.

"I went for two days but on the second day I tore a ligament in my ankle and didn't get to do much," Morgan said on Sunday. "I haven't been able to run since then but I'm walking fine and going to therapy. I'll be at full strength again by mid August."

Morgan, who has blazing speed and quickness, said two players really caught his attention at the UM camp.

"I worked out with the receivers some and the cornerbacks," he said. "There was a receiver from California that sorta looked like Deion Sanders. He was like 6-1 and he was awesome. There was a cornerback that was built like a safety. I think he was from Northwestern (Trevor Ford). He was real fast and was able to match up against all the receivers."

Morgan also attended the Florida camp earlier this month but didn't participate.

"I just went to see what was up," he said. "I had a chance to watch Xavier Carter. He looked stright to me but I mean he's rated pretty high. He has good straight speed but isn't real quick or explosive. He doesn't really run precise routes either."

The standout receiver said he had a chance to meet with UM coach Curtis Johnson before he left the Miami camp. Unfortunately, he wasn't happy.

"I talked to him and couldn't believe that he didn't offer me," he said. "Miami's tight and everything but they act like they play on another level or something. I mean they didn't even win the national championship last season and they think they can offer anyone they want whenever they want and still get them. They said they need to wait and see. Yeah right man. I've made plays. I made plays at the camp."

Morgan said several other programs have offered him a scholarship.

"Florida knows I can play, they offered," he said. "Ohio State knows and they're the defending champs. Tennessee, N.C. State, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, those are big time programs that have offered me."

Morgan said the Hurricanes have slipped down his list of favorites.

"Miami used to be my No. 1 choice but now I couldn't even tell you where they're at," he said. "If I had to pick my visits today they'd be Ohio State, N.C. State, Oklahoma, Florida, and maybe Tennessee and Virginia Tech. Florida's the leader right now."

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