Ranking the Roster: Week 4

This is simply one man's opinion as of right now (and things can and will change each week), following the team's week four win over Georgia Tech.

QB: 1) Morris (JR), 2) Williams (SO), 3) Dewey (FR), 4) Crow (FR), 5) Thompson (FR)
RB: 1) Johnson (FR), 2) James (SR), 3) Clements (JR), 4) Crawford (R-FR), 5) Dillard (FR)
FB: 1) Hagens (JR, 2) Harvey (walkon)
WR: 1) Hurns (JR), 2) Dorsett (SO), 3) D. Johnson (SR), 4) Lewis (FR; INJURED) 5) Scott (R-FR), 6) Waters (FR), 7) Lockhart (FR), 8) Thompkins (SR), 9) D. Jones (FR), 10) Carter (FR)
TE: 1) Walford (SO), 2) Dye (JR), 3) Cleveland (JR), 4) Perry (SO), 5) White (JR; INJURED)
OT: 1) Flowers (FR), 2) Bunche (SO), 3) Henderson (JR), 4) Jones (SR), 5) Gadbois (FR)
OG: 1) Linder (JR), 2) Feliciano (SO), 3) Lewis (SR), 4) Johnson (JR), 5) Isidora (FR), 6) Wells (R-FR)
OC: 1) McDermott (SO), 2) Wheeler (JR)

James closed the gap some at the running back spot but the ways Johnson's been helping the team has him keeping the top spot there. If they can continue playing at a high level, they should form a tremendous one-two punch down the stretch.
Dorsett and Johnson turned in outstanding performances on Saturday. While they still aren't at Allen Hurns, who was not at 100-percent on Saturday, they're getting a lot closer. Malcolm Lewis will miss the rest of the season with an ankle injury but his future looks promising.
Jones is still No. 4 at tackle but he (and No. 3 Henderson) closed the gap between them and the two starters on Saturday.

DE: 1) Chickillo (SO), 2) Green (JR), 3) McCord (FR), 4) Cain (JR), 5) Hamilton (FR), 6) O'Donnell (FR), 8) R. Williams (R-FR), 8) Hoilett (FR)
DT: 1) Pierre (SO), 2) Smith (SR), 3) Moore (FR), 4) Robinson (JR), 5) Grimble (SO), 6) King (R-FR), 7) Porter (JR; INJURED), 8) Ivery (FR), 9) Briscoe (FR)
LB: 1) Perryman (SO), 2) Johnson (R-FR), 3) Buchanan (SR; INJURED), 4) Gaines (JR), 5) Cornileus (JR), 6) Kirby (FR), 7) Armbrister (SO), 8) Paul (SO), 9) Terry (FR), 10) Blue (FR)
CB: 1) McGee (SR), 2) Finnie (SO), 3) Howard (FR), 4) Crawford (RR), 5) Gunter (JR), 6) Hope (FR), 7) Dortch (FR)
S: 1) Telemaque (SR), 2) Bush (FR), 3) Highsmith (JR), 4) Jenkins (FR), 5) Rodgers (JR)

King played his best game of the season and passed by Ivery and Porter, whose return to the field doesn't seem to be in sight and could end up missing the entire season.
Johnson continues playing at a high level at linebacker. He entered the season as a projected backup but been Miami's most productive player there this season and seems close to overtaking Perryman for that top spot.

K: 1) Wieclaw (SR), 2) Goudis (R-FR)
P: 1) Botts (SR), 2) Goudis (R-FR)
SP: 1) D. Johnson (FR), 2) Dorsett (SO)

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