UM Football Scoop: 9/25

A lot is happening in Coral Gables as the Canes prepare for Georgia Tech this week. Here are some news and notes from today.

* NC State has a tremendously experienced offensive line. The three interior guys have started 90 games combined. They do a tremendous job with offensive balance and time of possession. "Amerson's as good as advertised," Al Golden said of DB David Amerson (3 interceptions already).

* Denzel Perryman remains doubtful for Saturday. Dalton Botts is questionable and seems more like to go. "Denzel, it's gonna be close, gonna be tough. Dalton's a little different because he's the punter."

* Raphael Kirby has returned to practice and is making progress toward playing Saturday. "Kirby surprised us today and practiced more than I thought so maybe Denzel will surprise us tomorrow."

* OL Ben Jones is coming around and finally making an impact because he's always worked hard, has stayed humble, and is in great physical shape.

* "The offensive line played their best game and we need that same focus this week." Georgia Tech had their attention early on in the week because of their size.

* Eddie Johnson has been one of the surprises on the team. "Eddie is playing as hard as anyone on our defense right now. He's not making mental errors. He's bright. He's coming to play right now."

* With Malcolm Lewis out, the team could turn to Robert Lockhart to play a role. "We need Robert to step up," he said of the freshman who hasn't played yet this season.

* The tight ends only caught two passes against Georgia Tech but were asked to help a lot more in pass pro. "We need to get them the ball more," he said of this week's game.

* "He gave us a speed element in the passing game that we didn't have the first three games," he said of Davon Johnson's breakout performance, noting he's a 4.3, 4.4 guy.

* Special teams didn't play well on Saturday but they get three starters back -- Andreu Swasey, Vaughn Telemaque, and Gabe Terry -- for this weekend.

* Jake Wieclaw and Matt Goudis are going to compete this week as if Botts won't be available.

* Freshmen like Tyriq McCord, Tracy Howard, and Antonio Crawford, who played big roles the first three weeks, didn't play against GT because of the triple option they were facing. "The option is no place for freshmen. We were scared having Deon Bush even back there."

* The running into the coach penalty that was called Saturday was not actually called on Golden, but another UM coach. They addressed the issue and will make sure it doesn't happen again.

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