Highsmith talks about NC State

A.J. Highsmith has had more playing time on the field and will be starting again for this Saturday's game. Read on the see what the safety's perspective is on the game.

Q: How nice would it be to see a big crowd?
A: It's always nice to see a lot of people there. We love the support. The more people that are there, the more we enjoy playing. We know we can't control that, so we just have to play well regardless of how many people come out.

Q: The fans don't prefer the noon games, because they have to get up early. For you guys, do you prefer it, just maybe because of the routine or maybe because you have an advantage with the heat?
A: Well, I think that we're definitely used to it, but I think it's hot for everyone. I think it's definitely to our advantage, though, because we practice here everyday.

Q: You guys haven't won three games in a row, since Al Golden has stepped into the program. Would it help you guys get over the hump if you guys can get those three wins?
A: I don't think it's about getting three in a row. You know, just to keep winning and keeping the lead in the division would be a big thing for us, and it would be a great situation. It would also mean a lot for the program.

Q: How much is your playing time helping your development?
A: I think it helped a lot because that's the most important thing for experience. You could study all the time you want to, but it's never going to be the same as getting out there.

Q: Other than the triple option, what was it about GT's offense that needed some focus on?
A: They're very physical and you have to keep your eye on their team. They liked to get the ball in the perimeter, so that always gives you problems. They could get the ball outside and break your containers, which definitely gives you a lot of problems.

Q: What do you think made you guys step up your defense in that game?
A: I think it was an eclectic effort. The coaches always push us harder. I think we definitely came up with stops in the fourth quarter, and it was just guys doing their job. Everyone just locked in and showed us what they were capable of doing.

Q: What kind of adjustments do you have to make on the defense, from GT's offense to NC State's?
A: I think that's one of the hardest things to do. We have to play a completely different type of defense to play against the option. So, you got to lock back in and get used to your day one rules.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about NC State?
A: They do a lot of things. They definitely spread the ball around, and they have good athletes all over the field. They have good wide receivers and a really good quarterback.

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