McDonald offers high praise for his group

George McDonald sat down with the press to talk about his receivers, which had a phenomenal game on Saturday against Georgia Tech. McDonald is proud of his group and wants to continue to rotate players, so everyone that deserves to play can play. Read on to see what McDonald's philosophy is and what he thinks about his receivers' progress.

Q: What is it about your coaching style that has allowed players like Tommy Streeter from last year and Davon Johnson this year to step up?
A:I think it's just the overall philosophy of what we do. The one thing that coach Golden and coach Fisch are always talking about is that it's not about who you are and what your name is, it's about what you do everyday. So, if a guy comes in and he's asking for plays at practice, he's going to get an opportunity to get in the game. And just based on how we run our system, if you're in the game, then you're going to go out and get a ball thrown to you. I think for us and what coach Golden has done is that he's given everyone a clean slate, so if you work hard, then you will get what you deserve. I think guys see that and say "ok, well if I work hard enough, then he's going to put me out there in the field, no matter if I'm a freshman or fifth year senior". That gives guys the opportunity where they're not looking at the guy in front of them.

Q: How happy are you with your group in general?
A: I mean, we're growing, and the biggest thing that I like about this group is that they're hungry. They're all fighting for competition, and they're all fighting to get reps. When we signed the class that we signed, I was excited about those guys. The biggest thing that I enjoy about this group of receivers is that they come to work.

Q: What are you losing from not having Malcolm?
A: Malcolm is a great kid, number one. So you lose his personality in the meeting room, and he has really good hands. I wouldn't say you lose anything, because he was a developing player. He was an emerging player, but it's just unfortunate that an injury like that happens. He's put so much into it from summer till now. He'll have a great recovery, and he'll come back next year and pick up where he left off. It's another opportunity for another guy to step up. Herb waters and him are roommates, so it's like "hey", you got to do it for the room. You got to do it for each other.

Q: How's Herb Waters' and Robert Lockhart's progress?
A: They're doing well. I think the biggest thing and the one thing I've always tried to do, and we try to do, is just temper the expectation with the freshmen. They come in, and they're so highly regarded as high school guys, and they put so much pressure on themselves, and what we try to do is get them to come in and learn at [their] pace and when you're ready, you'll get out there. So we try not to put a lot of pressure on guys.

Q: Do you have specific players that you are going to play for the week, or is it better for you to take a group of different players to mix and match?
Q: Well, based on what we're doing, we want to play a lot of guys. We said it last year with coach Fisch. Our whole thing is building a consistent team, a consistent offense. We're not looking for a one. We're looking for a guy that when you throw the ball, he catches it. And whether you're a one or a three, if you're out there, you're a one. We just want guys who are consistently doing the right thing at the right place.

Q: It's been the first time in ten years that two wide receivers have had over 100 yards in a game. How do you feel about that as a coach?
A: That's awesome. I kind of had a feeling about Dorsett, because we were throwing so many chunk yards to him early. So I kind of figured he had to be close, but when I got home and looked at the stat sheet, I was like "whoa, DJ, where did you come from?" We really don't look a the stats until after we get home.

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